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Rhinoplasty – Esthetic Nose Surgery; It used to be an operation that aims to make changes at the outer view of the nose, however nowadays it also makes breathing, which is the main function of the nose, better. because the function of the nose used to be ignored and only focused on the esthetic view.

My Rhinoplasty Operation Philosophy!

I intend to increase the quality of breathing while making the subdivision of nose working in harmony and provide a natural beauty.

Frequently asked questions you can take a look at question-answers section and ask us anything else you wonder which we haven’t already answered.

Frequently Asked Questions

You do need a surgery if you are having problems while breathing. with some cases curing nasal middle wall (septal) deviation or conchal hypertrophy can solve the problems but with others it does not. Nasal dorsal deviation and weakness should also be removed. ıt means septoplasty is enough for some patients however others require functional esthetic nose surgery.

Nose is mainly ‘ear nose throat’ speciality’s point of interest. nose is an organ which is a compound of bones, gristle and soft tissue. whom can do functional nose surgery can easily manage cosmetic surgery part and they are more in advance then other surgeons. however other surgeons who developed himself about nose functions can also operate.

It depends on many factors. the most important one is nose structure of the patient. plus whether it is the first operation also mathers.

Primary cases takes usually 2 to 3 hours, with revision cases it increases to 3 to 4 hours and it goes up to 5 hours when it requires to take gristle from ribs. However the important point is not finishing the operation in short time but doing it careful enough so it won’t require a revision surgery. I care about you having an esthetic look and breathing healthy.

Of course, ıt is all up to you.


Photos of your face are taken from all perspectives and the problems are being determined. After a consideration, you are being informed about interferences you should have.


With direct light and endoscopic camera nose and its units ( septum-konka) are considered. Additionaly you take breathing tests. If necessary advanced pathology is serarched with computer tomography and proceeded according to the results.


It is us surgeons’ job to plan the best, that allows you to breath. On the other hand cosmetic designing is done according to patient’s personal requests by using professional simulation programs and deciding on the most beautiful and natural one.


Everyone above 16 by women and 17 by men can have the operation in case there is no obstacle for the surgery.


Men under 17, women under 16 can’t be operated. People with mental disorders or any physical problem that can hinder the operation.


At the closest general hospitals to you that we trust and always work with.


I doesn’t make any difference however in summer you have to avoid direct sunshine at noon for three weeks. In that case we offer sun protection and hats.


Open rhinoplasty is a technic which is done by a cut at the tip of nose and opening the skin that allows seeing the nose structure directly. Despite its pros it it not an ideal technic. Surgeon decides on the technic according to the nose, persons expectations and their own experiences. Especially revision cases that requıre reconstruction and serious asymmetric noses are done by using open technic.


Closed rhinoplasty is a technic without a cut at the tip of the nose so skin is not opened. This technique is optimum for the patient who has hump and whose we don’t want to harm the natural good tip appearance. Many techniques can be used according to surgeons initiative. The most important advantage of this technique is that it heals faster and edema resolves after the operation. Surgeon decides the technique


We have two consultations with you before the operation to make the best planning. As a doctor I have to fully understand your expectations and aesthetic complaints. It can be only possible with healthy communication until your wishes and our opportunities match. You will be briefed about what you should do before the operation, after we decide on the operation schedule. Additionally my assistant will remind it a night before the operation and offer you all her support.


Your presence is required 1-1,5 hours before the operation. My assistant will welcome you and make a detailed briefing about pre and post operation period and help you with paper work. Also I visit my patients before surgery in order to give them moral support and send them to operating room.


After examination and right after the moment you decide you will be widely briefed and all necessary analysis will be done. Anesthetist examines you and approve the surgery if there is no obstacle.


Mainly The patient must be able to breath comfortably and nose must be visually natural, strong, impressive and stable.


It is a very special surgery which combines technique and esthetic. It is very important that you start this road with a surgeon who you trust.


There are silicon tamponades with an air hole in patient’s nose after operation and silicon termoplast cast at the outer surface. The patient should rest for 8 to 10 hours while they are treated with cooling to their faces. However you can easily walk around after 3 hours. You stay in the hospital for 1 day just for safety, you are discharged the next morning. 2 days later your silicon tampons will be removed. 5 days later your outer silicon termoplast cast would be changed and 10 days later you will be totally dressing free. Although that the dressing period will be over but healing continues. In the beginning your nose will be edematous and swelled but it recovers with time. 60 % of healing is completed within 6 weeks and a foreigner wouldn’t understand that you are operated. However you will still feel the swelling and stiffness at your nose. Within 6 months 90% of recovery is over. Bone union is done but tip of the nose is still a bit stiff and swelled. It will take a year to have its final form.


You may take a shower after your tamponades removed on the second day of the operation. It wouldn’t be a problem for your health.


Only one stitch is being cut. Afterwards special plastic tamponades are easily removed because they don’t stick to inner surface (mucosa) of the nose. However you will feel it but it is nothing to be afraid of.


No, we don’t place anything only clean it with aspirator.


Silicon termoplast cast will replaced on the 5. day and completely removed on 10th day in our clinic. No additional dressing.


No matter which technique is used, swelling around eye will reach to its maximum on the second day. On the 5th day this swelling will descend from around the eye to chin level and completely dissolve on 10th day. However the main place of operation, the nose will remain swollen.


We are showing progress day by day by using technology and trying new techniques and managed to decrease darkness to 15%.


The ones in your nose dissolve itself in a very long time. The ones on the outer nose will dissolve in 3 weeks by itself too. So there won’t be any stitch removal.


Your nose usually gets smaller after rhinoplasty (cross sectional area of nasal passage) so we as ear-nose-throat surgeons pay special attention to the function of nose so you can breath easier and deeply. We support the nose skeleton so it prevents the collapse of the nose in the future.


You may walk and jog on the first month. But you should abstain from hard workouts for your health. After a month you may do any sport that doesn’t cause nose trauma.


After first month you may swim however you should avoid jumping and diving.


Glasses are a bit problematic because it can damage the shape of the nose. You may start using it after 3 months 1-2 hours daily, glasses must be very light. You may replace your glasses with contact lenses after fifth day of surgery. It’s your personal choice after 6. month.


We don’t recommend it first 3 months because it may cause pressure the nose and damage on its esthetic appearance. Usually it is fine to use it after sixth month.


Within first 10 days all swellings on your face will disappear. In 6 months nose skeleton will heal and in a year it will take its final form.


If you functionally and aesthetically need you can have revision operation. But it should be planned very carefully and the surgeon must be experienced because its more difficult than primary rhinoplasty.

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