Botox and Filler

Botox ve dolgu

Botox and Filler


What do you say to stop time with botox?

Muscles in your face that work a lot and cause undesired wrinkles. Botox saves you from these wrinkles without surgery and prevents further wrinkles.


Filler for a fascinating look !

Oil tissues fill our face curls in time which cause dangle and volume lost end up creating undesired gaps. Filler round ups the missing pieces and gives you a fascinating look.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Botox inhibits the muscles on our face that cause wrinkles by working too much on the other hand filler decreases the lack of volume.

Botox is a medicine that decrease the work of the relevant muscle.

It contains one of the basic elements of our skin, hyaluronic asid. It provides volume and a healthy look once it is injected to the skin.

Forehead and wrinkles on the side of eyes are the most common parts but it can be also used for eyebrow lifting, simple lip drooping, lifting the nose tip and neck wrinkles. For opening the wrinkles to sum up.

It fits everywhere that desired to add volume and also wrinkles, lip filling, chiks,chin and nose.

The average is 6 months. However at the first time, it only lasts for 4 months. The following injections will be good for 6 months.

Melting filler is effective for approximately a year and it completely melts after 2 years.

In this case the structure of wrinkle makes it moderate. It lifts and smooths fine lines that are not very deep. The ones that has been there for a long time and already made impact are the reel struggle. They require the usage of both filler and botox.

In order to plump the lips, give a younger look to under eye, lift the middle face and to fill in the temporal region can filler be used.

The whole injection ends in 15 to 20 minutes. It can easily be done at lunch break.

It will only take 20 minute of your life. After that you can proceed your life without any handicap.

No, we anesthetize both local and areal.

Yes. If it fits, it can be used to shape the nose and achieve quick results without surgery.

There are two kinds of fillers. The ones that melt ( contain hyaluronic asid ) and the ones that don’t melt.

It starts immediately but ıt takes 3 days to settle.

It starts immediately. On 48. hour oedema foundation is visible but on third or fourth day it takes its final form.

Sometimes local and very rarely systemic allergic reactions are possible, depending on dosage. It can cause rash on face and a slight headache on the day of injection.

There can be slight rash at the injection area but no worries, it won’t persist longer than a day.

It is commonly injected at the sides of the chin in order to give a more masculine look.

If it is done properly, you will get a pleasant look.

4 months after the first injection and 6 months after the following treatments.

If it is not practiced correctly under the surveillance of a doctor, it may cause both functional and esthetic temporary damage. You should take your doctors suggestions under consideration.

It may cause local allergic reactions, very rarely local tissue nutrition disorder and tissue lost.

No, you shouldn’t massage after injection. Related muscles help the process heal.

In order to make it look softer and smooth you should massage slightly.

I recommend and usually use temporary filler. It is less problematic and always reversible.

Yes, it is the same.

There are enzymes that can melt temporary filler so its possible and easier to reverse in case any problem.

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