Esthetic Chin Surgery

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Esthetic Chin Surgery

Cosmetic chin surgery is actually not a functional operation but is a short and effective way to balance one’s face.

It is a key of profiloplasty operation which fixes your side profile.

Chin might be big or asymmetric but most common complaint is small chin in our society. In that cases nose looks bigger.

We can’t reach the desired nice nose unless we enlarge the chin.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Small chin is a more popular problem in our community than the ones with large chin but they exist too despite they are outnumbered.

There are several ways to enlarge the chin. Chin bone can be cut from tip and shifted( genioplasty). Nowadays we usually plant a prothesis to the front chin to get a similar result but easier. Another solution is injecting temporary or permanent filler to the chin. By chin assymetrie or in order to give men a masculine look contour filler is used.

They can easily be done during the same operation. So we prevent extra pain and workforce.

The cut can be below the chin or inside the mouth. It depends on the case and doctor. I prefer planting it by cutting from inside the mouth.

Ibrahim Erca, MD

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